3 Easy Ways To Monetize Your Virtual Happy Hours

Virtual Events

Chances are you’ve attended at least one virtual “happy hour” over the last six months. Perhaps it was a “virtual lunch” or “virtual breakfast” instead. As with everything in our lives, COVID-19 has (temporarily) put an end to traditional networking, instead leaving us to connect with colleagues and clients via apps like Zoom and Run the […]

Targeted Digital Advertising: The New Frontier for Association Event Sales

Digital Ads

Odds are you’re probably already using some form of targeted digital advertising to promote your association. You may have even spent some money on Facebook or Google to drive up registration sales for a past event or two.

But have you ever tried to use digital advertising to find new sponsors and exhibitors for conferences – both in-person and virtual? It’s a lot more effective than you think!

Association Event Sponsorship Sales: 3 Tips for Success in 2019

Association Non-Dues Revenue

Here are 3 tips for association event sponsorship sales success in 2019.  This new year marks over 20 years of delivering solutions for associations here at The Profitable Association.  While the tools of the trade have changed over the years, there are some enduring sales principles that stand the test of time.  Here’s how to […]

Sell Sponsorships as You Would Play a Golf Hole

Golf Course

After 20+ years in association exhibit and sponsorship sales, it strikes me how many parallels there are between golf shots and the sales cycle. Whether you play like Tiger Woods, Lexi Thompson, or Brooks Koepka or slap it around for an occasional weekend round, the goal is the same – to shoot a low score […]